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New City Revival

Music is one of the most important things in my life, and to find someone who appreciates music just as much as I do just means so much to me. It also means a lot to me that his band asked me to photograph them.

New City Revival is a newer band with a sound that's a mix of alternative pop punk and classic rock. They've got great stage energy and are super fun to watch and even photographing them was a super exciting time.

These boys are super fun and have such great energy. Getting to shoot with them was such a fantastic time full of laughter. They're a super dynamic group of guys who love to be on stage and love to share their music with people.

Getting to watch them play, to see the process of them making music; from seeing their band practices, to acoustic shows, and to watching them capture the crowd on stage with their stage presence and their catchy lyrics, makes me wish I was on stage with them. They're super talented and I'm so happy they gave me the opportunity to capture these fun moments for them.

Jack Austin Jimmy Timm


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