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The Four Themes


"My friend had a baby this year, and with that I wanted to show that even though we may see motherhood as this beautiful way of life, not everything is perfect when you're a mother. We see motherhood as sunshine and happiness with a dash of perfection, but that isn't always true. Motherhood stretches and pulls your body; it's weight gain, the cold shoulder and fights with your little one, and even stretch marks and scars."


"My dad has always been the type of person to hold me up, protect me, and guide me, no matter what age I was. With the holding of the hand from my childhood throughout my adulthood, he has guided me into the person I have become, and will forever help me with all battles that I face, and that is what fatherhood has always been in my life."

Rites of Passage:

"My rite of passage isn't really my own, but it did help shape me as a person. When my mom was a teenager her father died. She had to drop out of school, get multiple jobs, pay the bills, care for her younger siblings, and basically become an adult before she wanted to. Unfortunately for my mother this really cut her childhood short and made her mature much faster than other people her age, but she learned many things during that time of her life, and she made sure to teach my brother and I what she had learned."

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"Faith has never really been that big of a thing in my life. After getting diagnosed with depression in 2015, it felt like my world had turn upside down. Sometimes it feels like I have nowhere to run, and I nothing to hold on to; like I'm trapped in my own body and mind."


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