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Telina's Prom

Ever since I had my own, I wanted to shoot someones prom; it had been a dream of mine to make my client look like a princess in her beautiful dress, and I wanted her to remember how great that night was.

My wonderful friend Telina asked me to shoot her prom this year and I was ecstatic! My dream was finally coming true! Although excited as I was, I was also very nervous: this was my first official job coming out of school, my first official client, so with all that being said, I had to make sure that this shoot was perfect.

Telina, looking like a princess in her beautiful dress.

As almost every prom in Barrie goes, we went to Lakeshore for that perfect background setting. It started filling up very quick, and it was also very hot and windy.

A close up, with her hair blowing in the breeze

It was a gorgeous day, and Lakeshore made for a beautiful setting, with big trees, a very blue lake, and gorgeous backgrounds

The photos turned out beautifully, and Telina loved them (as did I)! I am so very happy to have shared in this special day, and capture the happiness that she experienced.

Telina and her gorgeous friends

I thank Telina very much for contacting me to shoot her prom; it was a wonderful experience for the both of us!


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